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Grethe Rask, a medical doctor who worked in Africa in the 1970s is also from Thisted.

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From the Middle Ages until the end of the 19th century the local fishermen were also whale hunters in winter.Working in primitive conditions, Rask was the first known confirmed case of AIDS to be discovered by the western medical community There are several educational institutions in Thisted.There are three schools, Østre skole, Rolighedskolen, and Tingstrup skole.The name Middelfart, first recorded as "Mæthælfar" in Valdemar's Census Book in 1231, consists of the old Danish word mæthal meaning 'middle' and far meaning 'way'.This name originally referred to the strait Snævringen ('the narrowing'), which is the narrowest part of the Little Belt, and was subsequently applied to the settlement as well.There's also a gymnasium, Higher Preparatory Examination, Higher Commercial Examination Programme and Higher Technical Examination Programme.

Thisted has a football team Thisted FC in the Danish 1st Division (2017-2018 season) Thisted is also home of the Brewery Thisted Bryghus known for its high quality organic beer.

In the 20th century the hunt was resumed during the two world wars.

Two memorial stones now stand where the hunters landed the whales and where blubber was prepared.

Jørgen's Hill in northern Jutland and sent word that anyone who left the camp and went home, would not be punished for rebellion.

The men from Thisted, as well as those of Mors, left for which they were afterwards called cowards and traitors.

The rail link between Middelfart and Nyborg opened in 1865, bringing added prosperity despite the fact that it connected with the ferry from Strib rather than the one from Middelfart.