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Because of that there are no limits or monthly fees for number of chat users or messages, these are limited only by your web server capabilities.

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Quick Chat administrator users can control who is allowed to initiate private chat session (logged in users and/or guests) from Quick Chat admin options.Then you can report your findings to me and if I have some spare time I will do all I can to provide workaround. This one is hard to track down and and even harder to resolve especially if you are on shared hosting. You can find someone who knows thing or two about Word Press plugin development. Note that because of added support for local avatar plugins existing messages will not have their authors avatar set.You can also hire me to track down your issue and resolve it if possible or to implement features you need. Messages posted after successful upgrade will have correct author avatar.If your j Query version is up to date then there is conflict with your theme or other plugins with Quick Chat.You can test this by changing your theme and/or disabling other plugins one by one until you find the one that conflicts with Quick Chat.Quick Chat can use sound to notify you of incoming messages.

For this feature to work you need modern HTML5 audio tag enabled browser like Mozilla Firefox 3.5 , Google Chrome 6 , Opera 10.5 or Internet Explorer 9 (IE works but not recommended). You just replace “message-sound.mp3”, “message-sound.ogg” and “message-sound.wav” from your “wp-content/plugins/quick-chat/sounds” directory with your own message notification sound files.

You can replace “400” with wanted Quick Chat message history window height and ‘default’ with your chat room name.

The third parameter should be 1 when you want to display user list (0 otherwise) and fourth parameter will decide where will user list be placed (‘right’, ‘left’ or ‘top’).

Three sound file types are necessary because not all HTML5 audio tag enabled browsers support all audio file formats.

Generally the lower you go with timing options the more stress is put to your server but your chat is more responsive.

Quick Chat 2has new features like list of online users that couldn’t be successfully implemented on top of Quick Chat 1