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The room was well lit and it appeared to be a dining room, a very large table ran the length of the room, set for ten places, the plates and remains of the meal still sat on the table.I heard a cheer from deeper within the building, so I crept around to the back of the house and found another window to look into, this one was the kitchen.

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A couple of months after that first event, Susan told me she was going to help Kelly with her next party, she seemed hesitant and again I asked her what the problem was, and again she was non-committal.I came to the conclusion that the man she was seeing behind my back must work with her, so I decided to follow her to the next event and find out exactly what was going on.Kelly picked up my wife shortly before 8pm that Saturday night; I was already outside the house, waiting further down the street in a rented car, so when Kelly pulled onto the street and drove past me, I discreetly followed them.In the months that followed she helped Kelly at three more events and earned another £3000, but sank deeper into the gloom that had enveloped her.I eventually came to the conclusion that she was having an affair, stupid I know, but how could I have guessed that the problem really was that she was working as a high-class call girl. She had been fucked by at least seven different guys. The whole thing started a few months ago, really when she lost her job due to the economic downturn.

“Okay.” She replied, trying to muster up a smile as she did so. I knew exactly where she had been and exactly what she had done, because I had watched her doing it.

I thought about storming into the house and confronting my wife, but I had no proof.

After a few minutes waiting in the darkness, I crept up to one of the windows and peered in.

She wasn’t having an affair, she was doing this to try and make money so we could continue to live as we had been. A million questions raced through my mind but I knew that I had already forgiven her and now my concern was for her safety.

I couldn’t go get her, as she would never be able to live with herself knowing that I knew what she had been doing, so my only option was to watch her to make sure that she was okay.

I stood there in the shadows absolutely dumbfounded by what I’d just heard. I felt sick to the stomach as their words replayed in my mind.