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Bluetooth Star Printer: General rules: Apply as a Business if you are incorporated or have a Federal Tax ID.

Accept all major credit card brands, including American Express for the same rate. Use a compatible Bluetooth® barcode scanner to organize your inventory with color-coded categories, modifiers, multiple prices, and stock counts.Please review the Prohibited Merchants list before applying.For the safety of both merchants and customers, some business types are prohibited from using Phone Swipe.To add additional users, refer to the Phone Swipe Inside section for instructions. When you refer a friend or business to Phone Swipe we'll give you $50 as a thank you.Back to top Phone Swipe deposits funds within one business day of sales processed by 5 PM ET. This will be reflected as an ACH credit to your bank account after your friend has activated their Phone Swipe account by processing at least $150 in transactions.Click here to view a list of printers that work with Air Print.

Click here to purchase a Star Bluetooth TSP650II printer.

The name of the active account will be displayed and there is a dropdown arrow for you to see the rest of your accounts.

Please call Tech Support for assistance if you do not see your linked accounts.

If you are using a case on your device, check to make sure the sleeve isn't preventing the card reader from being plugged in all the way.

When the card reader is plugged in, make sure volume is turned all the way up.

Make sure that the magstripe of the credit card is facing the right direction.