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the bearded old sailor sits in the stern wearing a blue slicker and rain hat. the colors are bright and vivid on the front and faded on the back.

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finger spun flywheel activates concentric wheels; which make the boat "rock & roll" as if riding on waves. Each comes w/Waterline Hull; Full Hull; & display stand 3302 - USS ENTERPRISE Aircraft Carrier. Mint, box is worn 95.00 SAUNDERS "SUPER CATAPULT PLANE CARRIER" Boat. 25.00 SCHUCO "Teleco 3003" windup boat, 7", Germany, excellent. Hard plastic rowboat comes with 2 removable oars and a flexible rubber figure of a Life Guard. These are old store stock, never used, brand new in the illustrated box. it as the gas pumps and poles but does not have the paper flags or the cardboard "cabin" that sits atop the pier.

the dark spot on the inside of the interior wall is small chip in the ivory plastic.

missing the the gun emplacement piece that mounts in front.

missing the #34 stickers that were on the bow sides.

Minor burn mark near back edge of roof from the candle.

(all in Japanese; so not sure what the real name of the kit is).

The colors are fantastic; early 1950's style with the vivid green; yellows; etc. Near mint w/box 175.00 PACIFIC 66 Gasoline "PIER 66 MARINA" boat and playset.