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El Mghari said that she will be giving psychological therapies to the girls and counsel them.

The girls spoke to Moroccan news outlet Alyaoum24 earlier this week.By Safaa Kasraoui - January 10, 2018 Rabat – Hundreds of residents in the Fez medina took to the streets today in anger at the recent attacks on little children in the city.They were demonstrating outside the Court of Appeal where a 57-year-old French man appeared on charges of rape and sexual assault on two girls aged 11 and 14.The man told Alyaoum24 that when he looked through to the tailoring workshop he was shocked at what he saw.He added that there were two girls inside the workshop, while another girl was outside to make sure that nobody will caught them.MWN has been in touch with Khadija Hajoubi, another social activist and President of the Nour Caravan association for Friendship and Social Development in Fez, who also represents the victims.

Hajoubi informed MWN that the Frenchman was detained and questioned by police since mid-2016 for suspected sexual assault.

“The Secretary-General is deeply concerned about recent increased tensions in the vicinity of Guerguarat in the Buffer Strip in southern Western Sahara between the Moroccan berm and the Mauritanian border,” Guterres said.

The Secretary-General underlines the need for a withdrawal of Polisario armed men from Guerguarat in order to create an environment conducive to the resumption of dialogue under the auspices of his Personal Envoy Horst Kohler.

In this respect, the Moroccan diplomat stressed the need to maintain the flow of traffic unhindered, noting that a rally will take place on January 8 and the crossing needs to be free of Polisario elements.

Hilale explained that through this new incursion, the Polisario made proof of amnesia in a bid to recreate the same scenario of March and April last year when its armed men set checkpoints in the area but then ensued a humiliating retreat in fear of being condemned by the Security Council.“Morocco, the UN Secretary General and the International Community consider that the Polisario’s provocations are detrimental to the efforts led by Mr Kohler (UNSG Personal Envoy to the Sahara) to relaunch the political process,” he said. Ik vrees dat Marokko militair niet opgewassen is tegen Algerije. Marokkanen kunnen een oorlog goed gebruiken maar dan tot over de grenzen van Algerije.

Asmae Kabba, President of the Moroccan Association against Violence and Homelessness, is following the case closely and her organization is providing support to the victims.