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Former alcoholics dating

Quentin assured him that he would catch the Hood, but later went to CNRI to give Laurel protection in case someone tried to attack her, as a reaction to Somers' threat.He also thanked John Diggle, Oliver's bodyguard, for saving Laurel's life from the Chinese Triad when they had invaded her apartment.

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A few weeks later, Quentin was at the scene of James Holder's death, correctly assuming that The Hood wasn't the one that killed him.After helping the Hood take down Malcolm Merlyn he began to see the law can only do so much but the Hood can go outside the law to compensate for the law's limits.He eventually began to work with him to catch criminals, even knocking out his fellow policemen that tried to attack the Hood, now known as the Arrow.With that in mind, he takes a pill that erases his memory of the events that occurred.Around the time Oliver Queen returned to Starling City, he told Quentin and his partner Lucas Hilton about a man in a green hood who saved his life from a group of kidnappers.Sometime in 2007, Quentin brought Sara to work to help her research a paper on the criminal justice system.

She wanted to see what it looks like on the inside, but she was not expecting her father to walk her through the booking process--including handcuffing her to a desk, with every intention of the inside of a jail cell being next.

However, before he could, the Police Department is attacked by a professional assassin who is targeting Sara.

The Pilgrim kills every cop but Quentin and before she can manage to make the kill on Sara, a man with a heat gun and a woman with a staff come to her rescue.

They successfully defeat the assassin, taking Sara along the process and leaving Quentin behind.

However, the assassin (known as The Pilgrim) soon abducts Quentin along with other individuals are threatened as a way of luring the same people who saved Sara earlier.

Somers didn't tell him anything useful about his confrontation.