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Foreign women dating in korea

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Sure, we all know that love (or lust) is blind but it’s worth to pause and reflect—which type of man will you be?

or they leave their brains behind in their home country or their office and acquire a false perception of the motivation of his bride to be.Unusual for our modern world where young people consider getting married to been impr...more about Dasha from Kiev Welcome to the 1st International Marriage Network — an International Social Network site devoted to helping men and women find their soulmates.You will also enjoy lots of free information on international marriage on our website, as well as live help 24 hours a day.We will answer your questions whether you are just thinking of posting your personal profile today, need help communicating, or planning a trip overseas.As with any marriage anywhere in the world, the answer is, “It depends”.

I know of many a foreign man and Asian wife who have been happily married for over 30 years.

Having an Asian Wife is a rapidly growing phenomenon amongst foreign men throughout the world.

Whether the men are resident overseas in countries such as the US, UK or Australia or already living and working in one of the various Asian capitals, one thing many have in common is…, yes, you guessed it, an Asian wife.

Or, alternately, others are simply “seduced” by the perception of what having an Asian wife will really involve. After all, without wishing to state the obvious, an Asian wife is a woman and will bring all of the traits that any woman from anywhere in the world will bring to a marriage… Many foreign men, however, can’t seem to get over the facts that many Asian women have great skin, great smiles and, usually, have slim-line figures which tend not to vary too much with age.

They perceive that an Asian wife will have commitment and loyalty to the family and home, be faithful, have a high work ethos, drive and determination and forever be charming and feminine.

To be fair, some of these stereotypical traits do ring true but, clearly, given that we are taking about hundreds and thousands of women it’s not possible to say that all apply to every Asian wife, each of whom will have their own character, ways of doing things and, even within Asia, probably come from a different cultural background.