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In June 2010, then-Prime Minister of Finland and leader of the Centre Party Matti Vanhanen said that he would be stepping down from both positions.

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For Guests who want Guided Trips we will provide advice on the many and varied trips available.The Bird Watching and Wildlife Club exists for anyone interested in wildlife, from those who come armed with a scope and a list of 'must see' species, to those who wish to enjoy a good walk with the chance of seeing some wildlife along the way.We are able to provide quality wildlife breaks that offer reasonably priced and comfortable accommodation at the in Grantown-on-Spey: a beautiful country town in the Cairngorms National Park.During government formation talks, the True Finns said they would withdraw if the government accepted the Portuguese bailout.Katainen then continued six-party talks that included the NCP, the SDP, the Left Alliance, Green League, Christian Democrats and the SPP.The incumbent Speaker of Parliament Sauli Niinistö of the National Coalition Party did not run for parliament, despite receiving a record number of votes in the 2007 election.

It was anticipated that he would be the National Coalition Party's presidential candidate in 2012; At the time of the election there were 17 registered parties (a party has to collect signatures from at least 5,000 eligible voters in order to be accepted on the official party register, which is maintained by the Ministry of Justice).

The 200 members of the parliament are elected using the proportional D'Hondt method through which voters cast their vote for a candidate of their choosing within a party list.

Electoral alliances between parties were allowed but were less common for the parliamentary parties in this election as the parties were preparing for future electoral reform that would not provide for electoral alliances.

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Millions of people now enjoy bird and wildlife watching - for some its a consuming passion, for others it forms just part of a great holiday.

limited electronic voting experiment of the 2008 municipal elections, the Ministry of Justice announced in January 2010 that there would be no electronic voting at this time, but that the ministry would be monitoring the international arenas for development of online voting.