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Filme cu mafia ruseasca online dating

Okasareta hakui (1967) General Director : Kôji Wakamatsu Alternative Title : Violated Angels Format : AVC Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave File size : 4.35 Gb Duration : 56 mn AUDIO : AC3 5 1 chanels Aspect Ratio : 1.75:1, 560×320 Format Image : 16:9 Rating IMDB : 6.0/10 (1457 Votes) Language : Japanese Subtitle : Romanian COLOR : Black and white GENE : Drama Writers : Kôji Wakamatsu Stars : Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Nikita Mikhalkov and Jerzy Stuhr Imdb Link : You Tube : v=Ynrubu XF51A A man penetrates by night in a nurse dormitory planning to kill them all.

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Once you submit an youtube video, it will be listed under latest you tube videos. FJ will grab the default description from the video page.In his hotel, he meets Il Principe, a Sicilian prince who has spent years confined to the hotel because he crossed the Mafia.Amid the beauties of Sicily Carmine discovers that men of power will stop at nothing to prevent the legalization of drugs, which threatens their business.What i would like to emphasize particularly is the nice women shot in this movie, beautiful actresses — Irina Kupchenko and Beata Tyshkevitch, one can easily fall in love with, as it happened to the director, as i know from his reminiscences.i give 9,5 of 10 to this masterpiece, the excellent exemplary of how classics has to be brought to screen Dimenticare Palermo (1990) | M O V I E information | Director : Francesco Rosi Language : Italian Runtime : 100 min Genre : Thriller Color : Color IMDB Rating : 5/10 IMDB Link : Subtitles : Romanian Total size : 4.35 GB Aspect Ratio : 1.85:1 Writers : Gore Vidal, Tonino Guerra Stars : James Belushi, Mimi Rogers and Joss Ackland You Tube : v=cjsvr1z7Fg U This movie manages to deliver a mood of the Turgenev’s novel, but the director added also his own vision of the Russian life in the 19th century.

All elements, all components of successful movie are presented in this work — scenery based on literary classics,nice cinematography, excellent direction, beautiful performance by all actors, unforgettable music, and amazing Russian landscapes.

Felix si Otilia (1972) General Director : Iulian Mihu Alternative Title : ——————- Format : AVC Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave File size : 4.35 Gb Duration : 120 mn AUDIO : AC3 5 1 chanels Aspect Ratio : 1.75:1, 560×320 Format Image : 4:3 Rating IMDB : 7.2/10 (162 Votes) Language : Romanian Subtitle : ……..

COLOR : Color GENE : Drama Writers : George Calinescu (novel), Ioan Grigorescu Stars : Radu Boruzescu, Julieta Szönyi and Sergiu Nicolaescu Imdb Link : You Tube :

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