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Once aboard, the two hour flight went quite quickly and we arrived within our scheduled landing time, although we were then stacked, making us 25 minutes late in landing, at just before 4.00pm.

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Eric went to discuss the ticketing issue with the desk staff and a helpful lady printed out the tickets and let him telephone customer services to discuss which of the two tickets to use.A coach took us to the terminal where, as transit passengers, we only had a relatively short wander to gate 47A. 12.00pm an announcement was made that there was a delay for essential maintenance.Visions of missing our coach connection flashed through our minds but thankfully the deadly was only 15 minutes before we were bussed to our aeroplane.In the end this turned out to be a gas failure and the boiler was working again by the middle of the evening.A trip to Tesco gave us the basis of sustenance for the next few days before heading off again to catch up with family and friends.We have now produced a series of photobooks covering the trip.

The first three volumes consist of the daily blog entries with accompanying photographs. Albelli now produce an online version of the photobooks, available from volume 3 of the blog. Day 181 Circle closing Nothing from National Express as to which ticket to use, we must wait until we reach Heathrow Central Bus Station to sort this one out. We had nothing planned for the day and as checkout was 1.00pm we took our time in packing in the air conditioned bedroom.

Dinner and a film, Angels and Demons, later we settled for some sleep around 11.00pm. Day 182 Lisbon lacuna The cabin lights came on around 4.00am, equating to 9.00am Lisbon and London time.

Breakfast swiftly followed and we landed in Lisbon around 11.00am.

They confirmed they were so we joined the nascent queue.

By 5.20pm there were signs of life behind the desks and confirmatory signs appeared.

Boarding time came and went with an influx of transit passengers from our flight which had arrived from Bogotá.