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Yet the Fair Play for Women report somehow comes to a conclusion that there are 113 trans women in prison in England and Wales.

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Ireland adopted self-identification 2 years ago and since then there have been 240 people that have gotten a gender recognition certificate (which is a modest number for a country of 5 million people), and there have been no cases of this being used for the wrong reasons.The onus must now be on the Ministry of Justice to monitor and record the offending profiles of transgender people.This is not an attempt to demonise transgender people.Dangerous women, whether transgender or cisgender (those who aren’t trans), can in fact be placed in male prisons if they are deemed to be a risk to the safety of other women in the prison.If there was any actual evidence about trans people posing a disproportionate threat to the safety of women or society, I’m sure it would already be out there. It’s quite clear that trans people face many obstacles in society and experience stigma, discrimination and violence for who we are.For an oblivious reader, these numbers would certainly sound quite alarming.

But for those who look into the actual research and the numbers behind it, it is quickly revealed that the results are based upon lack of data, pure guess-work and fear mongering.

Moreover, there are policies in place to protect women against prisoners that could be a risk to their safety and dignity.

In The Care and Management of Transgender Offenders policy by the National Offenders Management Service, effective from January 2017, it clearly states that risk assessments are carried out before placing anyone.

In fact, a quick search on the Ministry of Justice website shows that only five of the eight prisons house only sex offenders, and most are Category C prisons housing vulnerable prisoners.

As an example, one of the prisons that the researcher claims hosts only sex offenders, the Isle of Wight Prison, has also vulnerable prisoners and ordinary prisoners in mixed units since 2010 according to the Ministry of Justice.

In the report by the Ministry of Justice, there is also no information at all on what type of offences the identified trans prisoners are doing time for.