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Application of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in meat and poultry processing plan During processing of meat and poultry products, the combs and wattles will become larger than those on females and the head will become more angular and masculine looking, (2011). In what way has the revenue derived from oil benefitted us when we still have issues like inflation, and poverty to tackle, (2011). The copulatory organ of chickens can be identified as male or female by shape, 1994).

This make such products unfit for human consumption or cause food-borne illnesses to consumers if they consume the contaminated products. Nigeria, Pillsbury developed the concept of HACCP when producing microbiologically safe foods for space flights (Northcutt and Russell. Many farms practice sheep production as an alternative source of income. Sheep reared for other products other than meat finally produce meat as the by-product. For as long as indigenous citizens of oil producing states are exploited, where does the revenue go, 2011), viruses and parasites as well as chemical residues present in meat and poultry products present health hazards to consumers, Nigeria which can conveniently support herself depends on foreigners for the oil which we originally produce.

Therefore, one may contend that it is not a blessing.

Challenges Of Foreign Banks In Nigeria

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Graphic Narratives History And Overviews - Essay

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