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Nostalgia, to some people, may seem foolhardy in a way.

It was found that ANN well described the experimental data (R20.97.In the ‘ Poems of 1912-13’ Thomas Hardy, a British poet, composed a series of poems after the unexpected death of his long-disaffected wife, Emma.The series interprets the cognitive and emotional concussion of Emma’s death on Hardy, concerning his mind and real visit to the landscape in Cornwall, England.After Emma had died, Hardy carried her recollections alive by roaming about in the real visit and whimsical land (space) they once had drifted and meandered.This paper highlights the nostalgias and feds that seem endlessly to crop up.The adjusted design parameters using the nonlinear form of Thomas model was in a good agreement with the experimentally obtained ones.

The results approve the capability of ANN to predict the cadmium concentration in potable water.

This study tries for a better understanding of elements involved in fishery management in India, such traditional knowledge system practicing within the fishing communities for management and conservation of the marine resources.

Participatory Rural Appraisal technique is applied to seize the traditional knowledge system in central Kerala coastal region, India.

Thomas model has a physical characterization of the input area by only four parameters (a, b, c, d).

Achieve measurable relationship between geo technical parameters and 4 values of hydro logical parameters helps to determine subsurface, underground and surface flow more agile manner.

It has continuing consequence and outgrowth for our lives as social actions.