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Fat camp for adults in texas

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Her weight had always fluctuated, but she decided that she wanted to slim down once and for all.

You can learn more about Camp Pocono trails by visiting their website, watching their video, or calling them at 1-800-365-0556.But as they say in Jenny Craig ads, "Results not typical." Experts caution that these retreats aren't for everyone and don't always work.The weight loss may not last, and it may not be worth the cost, which can be as high as several thousand dollars a week.At the Hilton Head Health Institute, Ackerman ate three restricted-calorie meals a day (followed by 20-minute walks), and had exercise sessions, nutrition lectures, cooking classes, and behavior modification seminars. Here's how to keep it off Features such as these don't come cheap.The cost of attending an adult weight-loss retreat ranges from about $2,000 to $7,000 per week. Contestants on The Biggest Loser experience dramatic weight loss, but the show has come under fire because its results are sometimes temporary.Similar programs for adults are now widely available.

Instead of stressing extreme weight loss in a short period of time, these programs tend to focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.

All of us at Wellspring Camps wish you a most happy and successful summer.

Welcome to Wellspring Camps, the nation's leading provider of fitness & weight loss camps for children, teens, young adults & families.

"I went there not knowing much about what I was in for," she says.

"I didn't want to get pampered; I wanted to get healthy." Weight-loss retreats, spas, and resorts for adults -- the grown-up version of fat camps -- have been around for decades. After two weeks of swimming and fitness classes, she lost 11 pounds.

Unlike fat camps, boot camps or traditional weight loss camps, Wellspring Camps’ scientific approach to weight loss is giving boys and girls ranging from ages 10 to 26 the inspiration, education and tools to change their lifestyle for the better.