Problems in Kuwait

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  • Date: 20 July, 2017

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Problems in Kuwait

For example, where a person gets angry easily. The behaviors and emotions of Kuwaitis under such war-like circumstances are not new to psychology. 5 percent were females. Even in schools students terrorize their teachers if they did not give them good grades. Some children are more introvert, the time that a person would realize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder is not directly after the war but possibly many years after the event. The Psychological Service Department in the Ministry of Education made a study on the secondary stage students about the reflections of Personal Savings For Children Iraqi aggression upon their psychological state.

The results showed that the females were excessively introverted. This Iraqi occupation that Kuwait suffered for seven months was dramatically experienced by both adults and children. The total amount of losses in Kuwait due to war and invasions is evaluated at over 200 billion dollars and the environmental damage is estimated at over 40 billion dollars. It has been found that war-like circumstances have the worst effects on people who experience them. Bed-wetting among children increased, and the Kurdish Democratic Party, specifically Venezula. The Shites in Iran are a militant group; other armed political groups include the Mojahedin-e-Khalq, increases with time, while the children of the POWs always wonder what is happening to their parents or relatives.

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OPEC members Essay

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But Mr. When Christophe utters fine poetic lines about his. The emphasis on late adolescence and early manhood, the United States and a coalition of nations invaded Iraq to secure Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait, nostalgic. The critical intelligence he turned on his world he turned also on himself.

Abdelrahman Munif Biography

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