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You can wear acrylic nails, but you can’t wear them long.

The bad thing is, you suffer a lot and you see a lot of things you’re not supposed to see at this age. We lost a good friend of ours a long time ago, Dante. Thank God I’m on the 20th floor, so I don’t see it, only hear it. My mom has been living there for 25 years with my three brothers. I split my time between his one-bedroom apartment and my mom’s two-bedroom apartment in the projects. to my cell’s alarm clock, and have a granola bar or a croissant with an Ensure.We don’t go to restaurants, because they’re too expensive. I’m an only child and live with my dad, a lawyer who works for Reuters as a legal writer and editor.After dinner, I watch Netflix on my cellphone in my room. We have a two-bedroom apartment in the West Village.The 47-year-old told Harry Connick Jr how he doesn't like to Face Time women, preferring the 'old school' approach of texting instead.'I made a mistake texting,' he revealed.'If I got a sweetheart, I’m like, "Hey, girl, thinking about you and miss you." You know, "when I get home from work, wear that little something-something." You know all that little pillow talk.'And I did one of those and I was like, "Girl, when I see you later, oh, yeah, it’s on like Donkey Kong,"...and I pushed send and I sent it to my mother,' he admitted.I wanted to go to Avenues for a while, but not anymore.

I don’t feel like the kids are going to be like me. When I stay at my mom’s, I can sleep in until a.m., which is nice.

Sometimes I play basketball with kids in the Bronx — my school doesn’t have sports — after doing my homework. The second thing I’m going to do is thank my mom and dad for all they’ve done for me — especially my mom, who works so hard to help pay for my school. Before that, I went to the Clinton School for Writers and Artists, a public school you have to test into.

We usually get takeout dinner from a Spanish place or cook soup or rice and beans and steak. Oh my God, let me tell you girl, the first thing I’m going to do when I graduate from Columbia is party with my friends. It’s near Union Square, but it used to be in Hell’s Kitchen when I went there.

Sexting one's mother is definitely one for the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Shemar Moore has revealed he accidentally sent a racy text to his mom.

will go down in history as one of the greatest sketch shows of all time, one that redefined the “filmic” sketch and established such a strong viral presence that many people didn’t even know it was a show that aired on actual television.