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The Home button features the most recent messages, as well as a "Favorites" section for the contacts with the most frequent communication.Messenger users can send each other end-to-end encrypted messages through an optional mode called "Secret Conversations", which uses the Signal Protocol.

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Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files, as well as react to other users' messages and interact with bots. The standalone apps support using multiple accounts, conversations with optional end-to-end encryption, and playing games.In June 2017, Facebook updated video chats to give users the ability to add animated versions of Facebook's reactions on top of their face, such as tears for a crying face and an exploding halo of hearts around the head when sending heart emoji.Additionally, users are able to capture screenshots, and live filters can change the color or lighting in the feed.Games are asynchronous through high scores rather than directly at the same time, and are built on HTML5 rather than apps. Messenger Day, similar to Snapchat's Stories feature, gives the user the ability to share photos and videos with friends that automatically disappear after 24 hours.In January 2017, Facebook announced that it was testing showing advertisements in Facebook Messenger's home feed.The app is aimed primarily at old Android phones and regions where high-speed Internet is not widely available.

Facebook Messenger Lite is only available in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, and is set to come to other countries later.

It received a score of 2 out of 7 points on the scorecard.

It received points for having communications encrypted in transit and for having recently completed an independent security audit.

At the time, the testing was limited to a "small number of users in Australia and Thailand", with the ad format being swipe-based carousel ads.

In July, the company announced that they were expanding the testing to a global audience.

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