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Me and my sex doll #2: I had that thought myself, but then again, I don't really do any - know people around town myself, yeah, I have, otherwise I wouldn't have told you about the sex doll.

What I learned from porn #3 But anyway as I was saying you know, just as you know, when you masturbate, you don't have to use your fingers, you could like, uh, find something that's like, you could use like a banana, or a pickle, I mean, it would be a waste of a fruit, but if you used a banana, you could still eat the insides.East Enders actress Gillian Taylforth has teased Christmas on the soap [Wenn] East Enders bosses have remained tightlipped over Christmas storylines amid two huge exits from the soap.Cast members have begun to tease “dark” plots and “dramatic” scenes to come, with Gillian Taylforth now hinting..But, uh, the thing I would, I would recommend for you, if you don't want to waste a fruit or a vegetable, yeah, well, it's all right.But anyways so like you know, there's an alternative to your fingers or the fruit or vegetable.Well, you were asking me about how I masturbate, there, uh, so yeah.

Until they finally take action, there is unfortunately very little you can do about this problem other than restrict messages to only those that are in your contact list.

Alright well, basically, it's the same, you could put one hand down there and take the other hand to massage one or both of your breasts at the same time..

Masturbation/ IT'S AWWWWRIGHT: You know another thing I should mention that like you know another reason why masturbation is all right is because you're not risking anybody else or getting a sexual disease.

I'm imagining, a bedroom, there's the bed, well, let's see a hotel room, basic one or two beds, lamp, a television in front of the beds, or bed.

And of course there's also a store called Spencers, I think it's called Spencers over in the shopping mall, they sell sex toys there as well.

I wish I could say I have but I haven't - I've only seen them on television or in the movies.