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At the same time, I am thrilled that we are searching for a new executive director.I have really enjoyed these 4 years, especially getting to work so closely with my co-founder and friend Mary Gardiner.

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So, here is a list of things I am ending or passing on right now: Leading the Ada Initiative: My typical job tenure is on the order of 18 months, so it was with a sense of wonder that I realized I’m approaching 4 years in one job: Executive Director of the Ada Initiative.For example, the ISO 9660 file system is designed specifically for optical discs.File systems can be used on numerous different types of storage devices that use different kinds of media.What I’m getting better at now is ending things well: passing them on to new people, or winding them down gracefully if no one wants to continue them.That connects strongly to the idea of thanking objects – or your past self – for their service.(Also, Miklos Szeredi’s overlayfs finally got integrated into mainline, so I feel like I can lay unioning file systems to rest.) So I took Marie Kondo’s advice, thanked my file systems career for what it gave me, shut down my consulting web site, and updated my Linked In profile. Treasurer of Double Union: I served as treasurer of Double Union from mid-2013 to December 2014, and happily handed it over to Sally Maki last month.

The job of treasurer is never “done” but it is well-documented, mostly automated, and a great thing for people to do as preparation for starting their own business.

As anyone who has ever visited my apartment knows, I don’t have difficulty getting rid of things.

This time I went through my closets with “thanking objects for their service” in mind and caught myself several times denigrating a formerly useful object – and my own judgement by extension – and stopped myself.

I ended with 5 bags of garbage (including a dozen old bras), a cart full of things for Goodwill, and a lot of happiness about the decisions I made in 2014.

I have always been good at ending things, as even the most cursory glance at my résumé (or my love life) will tell you.

I don’t know what else I will start or take on, and I’m excited!