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Ex boyfriend on dating sites flaunting

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12 ways to be the crazy ex and get your revenge Take note, all these tips are meant for those who want to be labeled as the crazy ex.Not only that, but they may also land you in jail if you get caught.

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The source also claimed the former X Factor judge’s ex Lewis Hamilton isn’t happy about their union. It’s made him realise he isn’t over her."He’s been desperately trying to talk to Nicole over the last few weeks."Grigor, who has also dated Serena Williams in the past, said he was going to focus on tennis following his split with Russian-born beauty Maria in the summer."Our paths split," he said. I wish her much happiness and success in life and in tennis."Now I'm concentrated entirely on the game and I'm sure the results will soon be seen.Once you’re there, cry your eyes out and make a scene.Make sure to loudly announce what your ex has done to you. And you also get plus points if your ex gets banned from the venue.But one of the first things you’d probably be itching to do is dish out some coldhearted revenge!Now, most people will tell you that the best revenge that you can possible serve your ex is transforming into a better person while moving on from the toxic relationship.The added drama will likely get tongues wagging and will also deter those who may be dating your ex. As a couple, you may have some idea of what his/her password is.

Do the guesswork and hack into his/her social accounts. You can either be subtle and sneaky or you can be loud and proud!

This is the summer of new beginning of me."Meanwhile, Nicole recently hit headlines when it was reported she had partied with her ex-boyfriend Lewis in London.

However, her spokesperson told uk: "It was a coincidence they were both at the same club.

Nothing hits closer to home that dating one of your ex’s best buds.

Not only do you get to go out with someone who has intimate knowledge of what your ex is up to, but you can also potentially ruin their friendship.

And instead of just scraping random lines, try to spell out words that describe your ex such as “wanker,” “slut” or “cheating good for nothing asshole who’s bad in bed and has toe cheese.” #10 Leave a burning pile of poop on his/her doorstep. Then drive up to your ex’s place, leave the pile of poop on his/her doorstep, and set it on fire right before you ring the doorbell.