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In Genesis , the Lord looks down on Adam and says, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him." This is noteworthy. Genesis gives us a sense for how this whole pattern is supposed to play out beyond the garden.In the midst of unspoiled Eden, this is the first "not good" we hear from God. Because Yahweh, the true and living God, wanted Adam to "be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth" (Genesis ). "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

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Whether you liked sports, drama or music, I'm guessing you found that some of the most challenging experiences in your past were also some of the most impactful. You'll miss out on a ton of exciting growth and character development if you keep to yourself when you're being called to something tougher and greater. God has structured marriage so that we can enjoy great happiness and togetherness and unity in our union with a spouse.The Lord God wants you to devote yourself to a real one, a spiritual war between light and darkness.This is what is exciting and pleasurable: leading a holy life that blesses others. But instead of devoting yourself to them, plan to win a young woman's heart, build a career, and bless a church by joining and serving it for decades.Here are a few of these ways I know of personally and from other marriages: Godly wives encourage their husbands in holiness, edify them by cultivating their own spiritual life, bake delicious food for them day after day, care for children, contribute to the economic well-being of the home through countless creative endeavors, wash their clothes, clean the house, pay the bills, type their papers, share wisdom on big purchases (and small!), make them laugh, make them think on a deeper level, and so much more.It's the most inspiring 60 seconds in American culture today. But here's the thing: If our hobbies (whatever they are) occupy us for hours, they're keeping us from serious things. If, in God's time, we're called to marry, and if we're at an appropriate age for it, we've reached the point where it's no longer good to be alone.

Slow-motion combat, exploding rockets trailed by plumes of white. If we're letting games or unserious pursuits occupy us for large chunks of time, and if these hobbies are contributing to a lifestyle that delays marriage, then we're missing out on some profoundly good things.

It is also true that one of the most — though not the only — profitable catalysts for our sanctification is marriage.

Being joined to a sinner, and having one's own sin so closely witnessed and experienced, is humbling and convicting.

We all need enjoyable endeavors whatever age we are.

A call to join the armed forces in service to a nation in peril? We are speaking of today's greatest mini-artistic production: the trailer for that epic video game everyone's talking about. Yet it's powerful and seeks to entice young men to buy, literally, into its alternate reality. I used to play video games like the ones I'm describing. You're young, you really enjoy fun things, and sometimes, you're glad to tune out the world and just, you know, escape. There's nothing wrong with having some fun pastimes and enjoying clean fun.

They should pray to God for a wife, and they should seek one with a balance of wisdom, trust and assertiveness. What do we miss out on, then, if we don't follow this plan? Whatever state we're in — single or married — we're called to pursue maturity. " The Holy Spirit loves to address a prayer like this and lead us to greater knowledge of God and greater conformity to Christ (John 14; Romans 12). We all, through the Spirit, have access to world-changing power and thus the ability to experience profound growth in grace (Philippians ).