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Essex pawn website

And I mean down and dirty: I'm literally digging through packages that haven't been opened in months. Then, I decide whether the piece should be melted down or if it is a good candidate for resale. I really put the emphasis on pricing items according to the gold and diamond prices, though..often, the main criticism is that my prices in the store are too low [for how stylish the pieces are].

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Other details: there is a giant chandelier made all of pearls (see above).*Note: Beauty & Essex does not have a pawning license yet-it's bonded and insured.You can buy anything you'd like, but you can't sell your items there.We BUY and SELL gold jewelry at deep discount prices. Bring your gold and silver jewelry to The Original Goldfather and If your silver sets and silverware have a marking that says Sterling, bring them in and we’ll pay you top dollar for them!Get top dollar for your bullion or numismatic gold, silver, platinum or palladium.The next step is to know about diamonds (read about the market beforehand for the typical price, diamond prices are set). You should also read up on the price of gold, which fluctuates.

Being part of the pawnbroking industry, we see a lot.

customer service and attention to detail is what makes us number one. There is a good reason that we are Baltimore’s most successful gold buyers.

It’s because we have spent many years earning our customers’ trust. When that time comes, you want to deal with Baltimore’s original gold buyer and loan.

In addition to being a Baltimore’s top seller of precious metal coins and bars, We also buy silver, platinum and palladium products.

We’re always looking for ways to replenish our inventory by offering competitive prices and deals for your numismatic or bullion coins and bars.

Also, some people come to a pawn shop specifically to sell an item. We had a great piece that I called the "Cleopatra necklace." It was a collar-style necklace with this amazing Egyptian geometry motif.