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https:// Christie's (New York) Russian America & Polar Exploration: Highlights from the Martin Greene Library (7 December 2017). Many classic Arctic items - Back/Narrative, Barrow/Chronological History/Voyages/Observations, Beechey/North Pole, Franklin Narrative (1)/Narrative (2nd Exp.), Parry/1821,1824,1826,1828, Phipps/North Pole, John Ross/Narrative/2nd, Sabine/Wrangell, Scoresby/Account and Journal…

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Bonhams (New York) Exploration & Travel Sale (20 September 2016). But I did not let it out of my hands until I confrmed with Philip that I would indeed purchase it. No other copy of this work has been on the market, to my knowledge, since that memorable day. An enjoyable aspect of collecting for me was that I could make my own rules. After moving to Seattle in 1969, I visited Alaska many times, climbing mountains and collecting more books. Visits to Sitka, former home of the Russian-American Company, to Fairbanks to see the wonderful collections at the University of Alaska Rasmuson Library, and climbing Mount Mc Kinley (Denali) and other mountains were highlights of my life. So there's always the chance that when SPRI, say, can't meet the cost of a journal or letter, in time it may find the item in question coming through the door at the most unexpected moment. Stephenson Patrick Reid has called the following website to my attention. With the kind assistance of the auctioneers, Bamfords Ltd., we have negotiated the purchase of a number of important items from the Mc Kenzie Collection, including two of his watercolours, his personal photograph album, compass, letters and most importantly, his diary of the voyage." From a recent e-mail from Chris Edwards of Aberdeenshire: "I attended a sale in Edinburgh (Lyon and Turnbull) the other day where a number of classic polar items were up for sale coming largely from a clear-out of the Northern Lighthouse Board library of items that weren't relevant to the current work of the Board.

Nonetheless, if there are any potential bidders out there who would like to pick up an item or two of scholarly value and send it on to their favorite university or institution, they'll have my blessing and thanks! It bills itself as "all auctions in one place." Have a look. All the NLB items were leather-bound volumes and in VG condition generally.

Sotheby's Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History (17 November 2015). Bonham's Polar Sale II: Scott & Amundsen (4 December 2012). Christie's Travel, Science & Natural History Sale (29 September 2011).

Sotheby's Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & Design (27 October 2015). Bonham's Papers & Portraits: The Roy Davids Collection Part II (29 March 2011). [£5,625] The second edition, with added material, is generally the more desirable. Photographs from Byrd's second expedition to the Antarctic, taken by Harold June, chief pilot on the expedition.

Christie's Travel, Science and Natural History (8 October 2015). The Library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching (Fourth of four sales on 30 September 2015). The Library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching (Third of four sales on 19 March 2015). The Library of Franklin Brooke-Hitching (First of four sales on 27 March 2014). Bonham's Books, Maps, Manuscripts and Historical Photographs (22 March 2011). Second Edition, with Observations on the Probability of Reaching the South Pole, and an Account of a Second Voyage Performed in the Beaufoy, Captain Brisbane, to the same Seas.

Bonham's Travel, Exploration and Natural History (3 December 2014). PBA's Rare Americana - Travel & Exploration - Cruise Ship Memorabilia - Cartography (11 March 2011).

Christie's Travel, Science & Natural History (15 October 2009). Christie's Exploration & Travel Sale (25 September 2008). Fine Books including Works on Polar Exploration (3 April 2008). Christie's Exploration & Travel and Polar Sale (23 September 2004). What a privilege it was in 1998 to go with legendary book dealer Bill Reese to the Beinecke Library at Yale to collate four copies of the Sarychev 1802 texts and plate books, two belonging to the library and two of ours. London: Smith, Elder, & Co, 1907-1914; Cambridge: Scott Polar Research Institute in association with Bonham, 2010 Est: £15,000-25,000.