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Jack Broom and Steve Bovey, Pointing fingers in the Mount Hood Tragedy. The school will resume the program early next year under a full-time director. Manson, headmaster of the small private school in Portland, said yesterday that while the school will continue its commitment to wilderness education, it will suspend the wilderness program for six months.Panel blames leader, parent blames school, The Seattle Times. One goal of that program is for sophomore students to at least attempt to climb Mount Hood.

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The rest climbed to above the 10,000-foot level by about 3 p.m.After the incident, school officials appointed five committee members, including nationally recognized climbing experts, to investigate the tragedy and the Basecamp program.Among its findings, the committee faulted the expeditions: Timing.Asked if a lawsuit may result from the incident, Mc Clave said, I certainly hope there will not be. Another parent, Dick Sandvik, whose 16-year-old son, Eric, died after being found outside the snow cave, said, Im certainly not inclined to harm the school.It provided my son with a lot of excellent benefits.The next day, one student, Molly Schula, and a guide, Ralph Summers, walked down the mountain to summon help.

The following day, May 14, search parties found three climbers who had died from hypothermia.

One of the primary culprits in this accident was the need to try to adhere to a schedule, the report said.

It said time pressure made the climbers unwilling to delay the expedition, even though the forecast called for bad weather. The report says the climbers should have had better boots and clothing, more shovels and bivouac sacks and should have carried an altimeter and a topographical map of the mountain. Investigators found a conflict between Gomans role and that of Summers, a trained guide whose job with the group was to be a technical assistant.

His 17-year-old son, Richard Jr., died on the mountain.

This was the schools death march, Richard Haeder of Portland said last night.

Gomans wife, Mar, said she doesnt dispute the committees findings, but said, If Tom made decisions which reflected poor judgment, they were entirely out of character and inconsistent with his decision-making history.