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"If they try to pressure us, our region will revolt."His words are echoed — except for a few key words — in a conversation 800 miles (1,250 kilometers) to the west, in a medieval cobblestoned city, Ukrainian-speaking residents and houses displaying the EU flag and its yellow stars."We are simply different people from those living in the East," said Ludmila Petrova, a university student in Lviv, a hotbed of support for Ukraine's pro-democracy forces and opposition to Yanukovych. It is a place that has been struggling for centuries to define itself.And now it finds itself so sharply divided — between support for Russia on one side of the country and loyalty to the West on the other — that it often seems more like two countries than one.

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Auto Europe guarantees the best car rental rate for your car in Ukraine.They were shaped by 70 years of Soviet rule and its celebration of socialist industrialization, and by the Russian empire before that.To them, the government is now being run by outsiders who care little for this side of the country. Maybe it is better that we separate once and for all."If Ukraine looks neatly delineated on maps, its often-bloody history is a tangle of invasions and occupations, peoples and beliefs.With over 60 years of experience and a knowledgeable team of reservation specialists available 24/7, you can rent a car in Ukraine with confidence.We're here to answer any questions you may have and make sure that you're taken care of at every stage of your trip.SOCHI, Russia (AP) — His eyes welling with tears and voice choking with emotion, Ukrainian pole vault great Sergei Bubka appealed Wednesday to both sides in his homeland's political crisis to halt the violence that has claimed dozens of lives and brought the country "to the brink of catastrophe."Bubka, who heads Ukraine's national Olympic committee, issued his call after clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters in Kiev on Tuesday left at least 25 dead and hundreds injured in the worst violence in its post-Soviet history.

France's Renaud Lavillenie, center, celebrates after setting a new world indoor record of 6.16 meters while legendary Sergey Bubka, left, congratulates the winner at the "Pole Vault Stars" event at Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. Lavillenie broke Sergei Bubka's 21-year-old indoor pole vault world record.

The Danube river delta forms Ukraine's border with Romania and in the west the stunning Carpathian Mountain range offers unique scenic vistas.

As the largest wholly European nation, Ukraine is the ideal country to explore by car - whether you're an outdoor enthusiast who will enjoy a drive to the Carparthian National Park or you prefer to explore Kiev, Lviv, and Ukraine's othe major cities to enjoy the mixture of Baroque and Slavic architecture, there's plenty to see and do in this fantastic country.

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Take a scenic drive in your rental car to the Carpathian Mountains, perfect for skiing, hiking, fishing and boasts some spectacular views.