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We got an amazing response to our product at House last year and we see ourselves as legitimate competition to the German bought-in products," David says, adding, "We travel abroad every month sourcing materials, keeping abreast with what's out there, trying to keep ahead of the curve." David says he did toy with buying a German franchise at one stage, but ultimately decided against it in favour of making their own home-grown product better and more streamlined.

Not only were the couple thrilled with the architect's work, it seems that he was also impressed with David's - Fergus has commissioned David to design many kitchens for the houses he has worked on since.Between the three of them they came up with many extras, like automated lighting; there are no light switches in the hall - instead, the lights work automatically."It's great if you're getting up five times a night," Christine notes ruefully."My parents live nearby, there is a great community here and it's near work," David says simply.Since then, their two little boys were born - Eoghan (four) and Ben (16 months) - and luckily the house is more than adequate for all four of them.The couple have been sharing the news with friends and family in recent days.

He's in good company with wedding planning among the Ireland squad with teammate Jack Mc Grath engaged to radiographer Sinead Corcoran and he can take plenty of advice from newlyweds Fergus Mc Fadden, Iain Henderson and Jamie Heaslip.

"I'm very much about letting the architect bring a fresh pair of eyes.

Our initial sketches were very different to Fergus's end plan, but, really, his design was perfect.

After his four years at college, he travelled around, worked in the States and in Germany for a while, and was going to take a permanent position in the UK but instead, in 2003, he came home and hasn't left.

"My dad is still very involved, but I'm running the company and it's a fantastic opportunity for me to drive the business on," he notes.

We have to focus on delivering something a bit different, something a bit niche.