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21, after officers performed a traffic stop on a vehicle she was a passenger in and found a syringe in the passenger seat. French, 33, was also a passenger in the vehicle and was arrested for drug paraphernalia and criminal impersonation after she gave officers a false name due to having two bench warrants issued for her arrest. The Campbell Cougar field house was vandalized on the weekend of January 10, and the sheriff has put up a $500 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of anyone responsible for the vandalism..When asked if the syringe belonged to her, she said no, but officers noted syringe tracks on both arms and a fresh one swollen on her hand and she admitted it was from IV drug use. Hearing the voice of Tim Zecchini, let me know I was almost home.

Some residents went home with families; others went to Come Friday, they were all happy to be home. When they were on the bus coming up the hill and saw the home, you could just hear how happy they were and checking on one another to make sure they were all right; the whole experience was heart warming, Baird said.Safety features include: staff on duty 24-hours a day, a 24-hour security door system, located next to Thats not true. Arnold is a damn liar, Stanfield said, adding again that the problem has started when dirt had been hauled out of there last year for the county jail. The mayor goes on to say that he values his friendship with Mr.Stanfield tells WLAF that he did say that, however, he says that he misspoke and meant to say Mr. Arnold and his family and hopes his misspeaking did not damage that friendship.Holt told officers he had a concealed weapon under the seat.Officers recovered a loaded .22 caliber pistol and arrested Holt for not having a carry permit.He goes on to say that, personally or professionally, the have always been there for him and the city whether it be loaning a backhoe or hauling dirt to a city ball field, always at not charge.

Stanfield closes by saying that if he misspoke elsewhere, he sincerely apologizes.

Elkins continued to fight and struggle with deputies who were attempting to remove him from the car.

Elkins had an extreme odor of an alcoholic beverage and slurred speech.

When the sprinklers went off about p.m., it set our alarm off, which called the fire department.

When they got here, water was flowing out the front door.

Without being questioned by deputies, Elkins stated he was extremely intoxicated and did not know where he was, the arrest report said.