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Ends reunited dating

He won’t meet with my family or help me through it. Wouldn’t help me get a car when mine broke down, just let me jump in the car with him while he drove himself to work.When asked his opinion about cars, he said, “I don’t care.” Last year, right after the sort-of, but not really marriage proposal, he asked me for an open relationship.

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The next morning he became cold and distance and kicked me out from the apartment we rented, his PA told me that he needs to go to Singapore to attend a meeting and I better leave cause they want to finish some work before going to the airport.Now while you might start getting really excited by this prospect, this particular guy has probably gotten freaked out.At this point, he’s afraid that everything he said in the beginning has led you to believe that you guys are a couple and he starts acting in a way that shows you this is not the case.I know that I cheated on him when we first got together, and I know my supposed friend told him that as a last stab last year to break us up. I get that I’ve come off super needy this last month trying to save our relationship. But everything points to him not loving me anymore. The way I’m so desperate to feel him love me again. Im not sure if that’s because they’re written by a man or what.And when I try to talk about it with him he says he “doesn’t know why” he’s acting this way and that there isn’t anyone else and that he “doesn’t want to talk about it”. Today, he went outside with the dog, and I went out there to be with both of them, and he immediately went inside, like I had done something awful by disturbing him out there with her. It’s pathetic and needy and I don’t remember being like this before. Behind our cool exteriors a lot of men stress just as much, about similar things.Every time I’m ready to break up, he’ll give me one decent day where he treats me like I kind-of matter. I want a relationship too and nowadays it’s just as likley that the woman will not want to “lose her freedom” as much as the man.

I am currently suffering from anxiety from a similar situation Hi Mr.

So- he wants to keep dating me after that first date and even landed a kiss on me…. When I last saw him (August), he said that he needs “time to soften toward me again.” Like he lost romantic feelings… I told him that I can’t date him because he’s putting in zero effort and seems to be no interest in his side. He ends it with, “I haven’t shut the door on us.” It’s now almost November and I miss this guy. After five months we spend a weekend together (last December) and it was great.

Within that month he and I were completely infatuated with one another. Ok, so I waited for a month feeling confused as to what I did and what had happened. After my visit we talked a few times and his messages started to have a longer and longer delay and less and less content until after a month or so I told him that I miss him but I understand if he can’t invest in me right now.

However, he was struck with the death of his grandma very early on our dating time.. I know sometimes men need to retreat and he’d done it before but only for a couple of weeks and he always came back strong. So we talked and he said I’m amazing and all that crap but he’s not letting his heart beat and he doesn’t know why.

I’m there for him and we seem to be on the same page. I know I get excited about people, especially about a guy that I have so much in common with and can see myself being happy with. So I told him to look me up when he’s ready and basically ended it thanking him for the good time to which he said he’s not done learning from me yet. That was two months ago and after that I sent him one message saying I was thinking of him and wished a good day. He’s liked a couple of my old selfies on instagram but that’s all.

If you start getting on his case (“Why didn’t you call? ”, etc.) he will feel trapped and suffocated and start pulling away.