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Emotional benefits of online dating

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Many of us have not had a great deal of choice in where we live.

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In dating someone outside of the direct area where you live, you may just find need the right motivation you need to make the change and seek out a new location that fits a more updated “you”.To understand the health benefits of love in a relationship it’s important to understand the meaning and definition of “Love”. Countless people in the world struggle with defining what “Love” really means to them.There are many reference guides that attempt to describe the word love.Also, those in loving partnerships recovered quicker or completely eliminated the cancer with no scientific explanation other than the fact the patient had great love and support from close family and friends.The feeling of “butterflies in your stomach” is an actual physical reaction caused when our body responds to the strong “attraction” that is felt when one is “falling in love” or “in love” with someone else.Love is known to bring about many positive emotions. And laughter is known to be healing to the soul and good for your mental well-being. It’s a very powerful antidote to fight stress, conflict, and pain both mentally and physically.

Love also has the power to heal and renew ones mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Many studies proove that people in a loving long term relationship have longer average life spans than those that are not in a partnership. I hope this artcile helps you understand that love has a great impact on our emotional and physical well-being.

Typically when you are in a relationship your partner cares about your health and will encourage you to watch your health and discourage BAD habits such as smoking, doing drugs, or working too much. Falling in love and being in love are very positive activities.

Physically your heart rate increases which causes increased blood flow to ALL parts of your body including your sexual organs.

This actually has a positive effect on the mind and body.

No one who loves another person wants to see their partner SICK or not take care of themselves. According to the National Institute of health love triggers the hormone oxytocin and that hormone makes us feel good. For singles that are not in a relationship, you can still experience the health benefits of love through sharing love with those that are close to you such as family and friends.