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The suggested donation amount is $42.00 (in recognition of Hip Hop’s 41st Anniversary 1 year for the Zulu Nation’s Anniversary). Please share this email appeal with 10 friends and ask them to also support this very important cause. Everybody and anybody who loves Hip Hop should support this cause.However, you can give any amount that you feel comfortable with. The I thank you on behalf Vice Chairman Ndaba Mandela and the Founding Members of the UHHM Afrika Bam Baataa, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandwizzard Theodore, Joe Conzo, Shawn Thomas, and Mickey Bentson for your generous donation. JEFcs Q Warmest regards, Rocky Bucano President Universal Hip Hop Museum, Inc 917.495.8144 [email protected] Holy Hip Hop Mobile: Holy Hip Hop Mobile specializes in inspirational social media music and entertainment, leveraging a proprietary digital member subscriber network, growing virally (via word-of-mouth) at a rapid rate of 1000 new subscribers per week.

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But to also serve as the culture’s governing body leading the way forward in the global socio-economic advancement of Hip Hop.It’s about time someone started to call Kathy Hughes on the carpet for her many years of irresponsible behavior in supporting the destruction of Black youth & culture.Now we have the rap community itself starting to beat drums about Kathy Hughes.It is also these same corporate moguls that block any attempt by conscious artists to get signed, widely exposed or get media attention or love by the magazines. Now that the processed haired nasty man has flexed against another paper tiger and the IMUSHARPTON beast is still simmering if you listen to the chatter you will hear two things loudly as background noise. In the 30’s and 40’s Hollywood was hit with censorship and had to meet a code to get a movie released. Then they went after comic books and that watered down really scary, creative output.Yes, the artists that promote garbage, hate, and all of the poison they spout are guilty of having no class, self hate, lack of respect for women, life and their people but it is the CORPORATE RECORD COMPANY EXECUTIVES AND THEIR CORPORATE DISTRIBUTORS AND VIDEO OUTLETS all run by Black Women that trade, profit and merchandise from this climate of hate.Turning Up the Heat on the conversation about Hip Hop RADIO ONE AND SPRING FEST by : JAHI So I pick up the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. I go to a page where it says, Spring Fest Miami 2007, hosted by AG Entertainment and Radio One.

These are the acts performing live according to the listing: With all this talking closed doors, in public, on the radio, internet, and news about what’s right or what’s wrong with Hip Hop and the messages that are being said against women, gun violence, drugs etc.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

Then down South the religious right lashed out at Rock and Roll it just made Rock and Roll more popular. Delores Tucker are just a couple of folks that have made moves against Rap artists to no avail.

But if you scan thru the talk shows all of the talking heads (Black and White) are all saying Imus was influenced by Rap Music and now once again Rap Music is a big Black Boogieman.

Missing in the dialogue (and seemingly in the recent documentary “Beyond Hip Hop by Byron Hurt” also full of talking heads) is the colonization factor in Rap Music.