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Dynamic text updating cs5

Now when I run my Date and Time Script Action by clicking play or when I click F1 it will run the script, update the date and time and bring up the Print window for me so I can choose my print settings and print.And remember you don’t need to select the text box before you run the action, it will find your text box(s) that you ran the script on earlier and automatically update the time for you.

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You will see this wr-dateandtime v0.9 window pop up and lets hit OK for now. Click ok, and then you’ll see the filename, date, time and whatever text you entered into the wr-dateandtime window.Just run the script again, with nothing selected, and it will find your text box with the date and time and update it automatically.You can create an Action that will make it faster to run the Script.There are two ways to create a data source: external or internal.In this tutorial we will use an external data source.Type wr and click Find: and it should find the wr-dateandtime script for you. If you want to add a Print step to the Action go to File / Print and just press Done to exit out of the Print Window.

This will record the Print step so you can now stop the Action by clicking the Stop recording button at the bottom of the Actions panel..

Using variables in Photoshop is akin to using layer comps.

The major different is that when you use variables you are retrieving the data from a data source instead of just turning layers on and off.

TIP: To flatten these images, select File Image Processor.

You can also use Bridge to create a Web Photo Gallery (WPG) by selecting the images in Bridge and choosing the Output option.

Adding data to database using input in Forms We often need to insert data into database. If you are already familiar with Dreamweaver CS5, just need to follow the steps below: Dynamic § Dynamic List: Options from recordset (select your Recordset) § Select the Values (it is ID in most cases, you chose yours) § Label (selects the label of the Menu List) § As the value need to match any column of your existing Main recordset ( the main table where you want to insert data), select the SELECT EQUAL VALUE TO for the option. You can select how many rows you want to show in the list.