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Art Deco broke from the popular colonial buildings of the time that dominated Durban.

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This album also has images of Lucas Gardens, a home for women established by Margaret Lucas to commemorate her two sons who were killed in WWi.I am a family person and love watching being with family and friends..This album is a consolidation of many of the numerous Art Deco buildings in Durban, both old and new.The interior of the core area gives some idea of the grandeur of the home, with imposing wooden stairs, wood panelled rooms, stain glass windows and generous sized rooms.Sir Benjamin Greenacre was a town councillor (1871 - 18 - 97 and Mayor of Durban (1875-76, 1889-1892, 1897 - 1898, and Knighted when the future King George visited Natal in 1901. 65 Photos The Elephant House on Durban's Berea is the oldest surviving house in Durban, which was restored in 1972 by Brian and Elaine Agar who bought it from the Murchie family who had owned the house for the previous 100 years.Although not covering all of the Art Deco it will assist those interested in easily locating much of the buildings.

The Art Deco movement spread throughout the world between 19 and this style is still being used in buildings such as the Suncoast Casino and adjacent hotel.

230 Photos Durban's Golden beaches provide a paradise for bathers, surfers, jet skis , walking, and many more activities catered for along the eight kilometres of beachfront from the harbour mouth to Blue Lagoon.

This album has photos along this beach area with a range of varying moods from sunrise to sunset along with aerial views of the beaches.

Included also are images of 109 Riley Road, one of the older remaining homes in the area, constructed of wood and iron.

117 Photos In 1908, two Norwegians, Jacob Egeland and Johan Bride formed the South African Whaling Company and commenced whaling on 3 July 1908.

They apparently used to pass close by to the house and occasionally attempted to remove the veranda posts.