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Duggar dating rules list

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A judge has ruled in Josh Duggar's favor after a California DJ had accused the reality star of stealing his photo to use on online dating profiles, Daily can reveal. Beaudet tossed the defamation lawsuit out last Thursday ruling the documents were filed in the wrong state.

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Most companies are adding social media networks to their communication profiles to stay engaged with visitors, customers and, in the case of TLC customer service, viewers.Although Mc Carthy has pointed out that Duggar made trips to the Golden State, his lawyers allege Josh has not had any contact with anyone in the state through any form of a dating website.'If a visit to California creates jurisdiction, then California courts have jurisdiction over virtually everyone in the United States,' the motion read.'[Duggar's] two visits here in 20 have nothing to do with [Mc Carthy's] claim that [Duggar] used his picture on the internet.Matthew Mc Carthy, an LA native, had sued the 19 Kids and Counting Star for defamation last year after claiming his picture was hijacked for use on Twitter, Ok Cupid, and Ashley Madison - the infamous cheaters hookup website.The photo was apparently plucked from the internet by Josh - after he googled 'random guy' - and then used it to create a misleading Ok Cupid profile which was linked to one of Duggar's email addresses.Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

In addition to the main site information about the TLC network there is also a TLC shop.

These numbers can be used in lieu of the contact email forms found throughout the TLC and Discovery sites, but email contact does appear to be the preferred contact choice.

Though TLC customer service does offer a unique website, the company is still part of Discovery Communications.

And if the answer is no, if they sold it for the market price, then it doesn't sound like a fraudulent conveyance to me.'The Duggars may have also been protected from potential lawsuits by Arkansas' Homestead Exemption Act, which shows that, in some circumstances, residents of the state cannot have their private homes seized following court rulings.

According to the 2010 Arkansas Code, section 16-66-210, the 'Homestead Exemption Act': 'The homestead of any resident of this state who is married or the head of a family shall not be subject to the lien of any judgment, or decree of any court, or to sale under execution or other process thereon, except such as may be rendered for the purchase money or for specific liens, laborers' or mechanics' liens for improving the homestead, or for taxes, or against executors, administrators, guardians, receivers, attorneys for moneys collected by them, and other trustees of an express trust for moneys due from them, in their fiduciary capacity.'According to his law firm's website, Story runs his practice alongside two other businesses – a real estate company, Real Estate Brokers NWA, handed down from his grandfather, and Pinnacle One Productions, a media production company he started when he was 18 which works with non-profit and political entities.

'Happy' family: Josh and Anna Duggar with baby daughter Meredith Grace.