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This will be done in various training centres and all accredited driving schools across the country using the new competency based curriculum,” said Mr Macharia.The new system, widely used in the West, will see each motorist’s card loaded with 20 points, which will be deducted progressively at a rate proportional to the offence committed.

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It later annexed east Jerusalem in a move never recognised by the international community.Breaches like overlapping will see drivers lose a single point from their accounts over and above getting fined.A driver will have a week or so to recover this “lost” point if he or she doesn’t commit other offences.Digital driving licences to be issued this month Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia (left) being taken through the registration process of the soon to be launched digital driving licence by NTSA's Francis Meja (right). Drivers of public service vehicles (PSV) will from this month be issued with digital driving licences in the latest bid to curb road carnage, which claimed about 300 people in December.“The new generation e-licence will be issued to all drivers starting this January in a phased programme and priority given to PSV vehicles,” said Transport secretary James Macharia. PSV drivers have been linked to most of the deadly accidents witnessed in recent months.It also enables changing the municipal definition of Jerusalem, which means that sectors of the city "could be declared separate entities," a statement from parliament read.

Israeli right-wing politicians have spoken of unilaterally breaking off overwhelmingly Palestinian areas of the city in a bid to increase its Jewish majority.

North Korean state television released this footage of the festival, which was held as part of new year festivities.

It came as leader Kim Jong-un warned that a nuclear launch button was "always on my table" in a new year speech.

This has led the government to prioritise PSV drivers in the issuance of the document, which is loaded with points that get deducted every time a motorist commits a traffic offence.

Accumulation of the points would ultimately lead to withdrawal of the driving permit.

Any help can be channeled through Mary Waweru the treasurer,through cash app (402) 617-4471. Contact the folowing for additional questions: Francis Nyamete (chairman) (480) 797-8273, Mary Waweru (Treasurer) (402) 617-4471 or Zeituni Sisiwa (Secretary) (623)755-4931.