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Drift city not updating

The cars and drivers had been in all out war whole day.

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The drivers entered their finishing boxes just a few split seconds apart.Gorman drove like a champ with clean tight lines but it just was not enough to keep up with the monstrous s15 giving Otto the win.It was now Gorman and Long to face off and claim 3rd spot.After a few wayward runs and cone killing they soon got the hang of it and quickly started laying down some solid times.Starting with a bracket of 32 the drivers started battle chasing the clock to get to top 16.The driver with the quickest time and the least infringements after two laps is the winner.

Drivers had a challenging start to the day while trying to negotiate the technical course.

Drivers started taking tighter lines and getting closer to the nose clips clawing after every split second.

The fight really got heated in the top 8 under the cover of darkness.

It was dejavu since this is exactly how the top step on the podium eluded Izak in 2016.

In the end it was Otto Graven from Graven Motorsport who drove his heart out to become the ‘KING OF DRIFT CITY’ 2017.

With both drivers in the final box it was time to reset and switch courses. Fast, tight and clean all the way through the technical course Otto and Izak proved why they deserved to be in the final battle together.