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We recently worked with Diamond to cancel outstanding orders on product that was beyond its normal shipping window.We didn’t want old orders hanging out there for retailers to have to deal with.

Available from: February 24, 2016 Overview: A witch known as Skuld the Sorceress comes to Berk and threatens the townsfolk - then plunges Berk into darkness! Instead, on free comic book day 2016 Dark Horse published Burning Midnight.As the citizens of Berk panic, it's up to Hiccup and his friends to try and stop Skuld and her minions! Richard Hamilton revealed in an interview that this comic hints at stuff that'll become relevant in the second graphic novel, named Dragonvine.Plus a bonus short story, "Cruel to be Kind," as Hiccup and friends take their lives into their own hands and try to train Bumble the Scauldron! Available from: August 30, 2016 Overview: Hiccup, a young Viking, defies tradition when he befriends one of the Vikings’ deadliest foes―a ferocious dragon that Hiccup names “Toothless”.This magazine was released on the UK on July 4, 2014.The Dream Works Dragons Comics are a series of graphic novels written by Simon Furman and published by Titan Comics (another division of Titan Publishing Group), with art by Iwan Nazif. Plus, in a special short story, Snotlout tries to babysit some baby Monstrous Nightmares!Dreamworks has authorized the release of Comics and Graphic Novels based on their How To Train Your Dragon Movies.

At present, there are 10 released comics in print-8 published by Titan Comics, and 2 published by Dark Horse Comics.

Can Toothless keep his fire-breathing brethren from wrecking the village while the Vikings are away?

And in our back-up tale, having a village full of two-ton pets can lead to certain waste disposal issues.

Writer: Aaron Sparrow, Jai Nitz Art: James Silvani, Amy Mebberson Cover: Aaron Lopresti Overview: When the entire Hairy Hooligan clan leaves for the annual Fishing Festival, they leave the dragons locked up for the day...

that is, until Mildew sets them loose to wreak havoc!

In this amazing first issue, a dragon feud erupts when Toothless accidentally swallows a tiny Terrible Terror…