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Dr dobson dating steps

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We would immediately stop and change the tire before continuing on our way.

Getting healthy is the most important goal for a person, whether the problem is major or minor. Weiss Most of us remember our reactions when, as kids, we found out it was time to visit the dentist.If you were like me, you pretty much went kicking and screaming the entire way.One of the most common barriers to counseling is the denial of the existence of a problem, or at least a problem bad enough to seek professional help.There is something stoic and resilient about humans; we want to prove ourselves, we want to overcome.Others seek counseling for depression and are able to alleviate it before chemical imbalances occur in the brain.

For others, however, counseling may be the very thing that pulls them away from serious mental illness or addiction.

A visit to a professional therapist is like a diagnostic exam.

They are trained to help you discover what has gone wrong; together you decide what kind of treatment you may or may not need.

We are convinced that because our vehicle is still moving forward, we are just fine. Some of the healthiest people I have ever met are recovering addicts. They know they have been wounded through their own actions and the actions of others.

They differ from others in that they took that knowledge of their woundedness and used it to transform their lives.

Like the dentist, much of our resistance to going to a therapist is based on misunderstandings.