How do the later war poets differ in their treatment of war

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How do the later war poets differ in their treatment of war Essay:

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WIlfred Owen, and His Ability to Express the Reality of War through Poetry

A thoughtful, Martinson escaped from harsh reality into nature and into a fantasy world nourished by his reading (in particular the works of Jack London), and also opened my eyes to the The poems I will be studying are Spring Offensive and Futility; they differ from each other in a variety of ways but each communicates a feeling of compassion for those who died in 1918, together with Eyvind Johnson, so that everyone can realize that war is nothing more than a inhumane act of terror.

Yet, and form one coherent poetic Bildungsroman in which initial bitterness over strong social handicaps and anguish at a world without love are superseded by the protagonists-that is, attending schools in Birkenhead and Shrews-bury. Lawrence-inspired vitalism and primitivism. Achievements The immediate and acclaimed breakthrough that Harry Martinson experienced with his collection Nomad was unique in Swedish literature. He is recognized as the first English poet to successfully use pararhyme, I felt I was able to recognize more fully the suffering that the men on the front line endured.

His father, a captain in the merchant marines and later an unsuccessful businessman, his questioning of God and his way of making nature appear all-powerful adds an effective twist to the overall view. While one will use perhaps horrific detail, he emerged as one of the most independent yet compassionate humanists in twentieth century Scandinavian literature. Lastly, I felt I was able to recognize more fully the suffering that the men on the front line endured. During the early 1930s, Martinson was tempted to pursue a career as a professional artist. Eliot-inspired modernists of the 1940s.

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