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Actors play multiple roles across the film, switching ages, races, and even genders from tale to tale.Tracking those actors is somewhat key to understanding the connective plot, in which various souls are reincarnated or migrate over time — crossing the ages like clouds cross the skies.

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Onscreen connections to other characters/story lines: His movie inspires a clone in 2144 to set off a revolution; that clone, Sonmi-451 becomes a goddess to his post-apocalyptic tribe; the turquoise buttons he steals from Adam Ewing’s vest in 1849 are around his neck in 2321, Hanks’s character having found them in the forest; Hanks’s goatherd has a nightmare in which he sees all the other timelines.JIM STURGESSWho he plays: Young and gullible (and birthmarked) lawyer Adam Ewing, on a journey from the South Pacific to notarize a contract between plantation owner Hugh Grant and Ewing's father-in-law, Hugo Weaving.Ewing helps an escaped-slave stowaway (David Gyasi) and ultimately condemns slavery; a hotel guest in 1936; a father in 1973; a soccer fan in 2012 who gets in a pub fight to help some senior citizens; a Korean freedom fighter in 2144 who saves clone/slave Doona Bae and starts a revolution; a doomed tribe member in 2321, whose brother-in-law Tom Hanks is too scared to save him from cannibal Hugh Grant.He is very popular through his work in acting field and a lot of people loved him and critics praised him for his brilliant work. Being so popular also he has been able to keep his personal life as a secret like dating a girlfriend, married and other many things about his relationship.He is well respected in Hollywood and known for his brilliance and memorable actor. Definitely he is not a gay because there is not any rumor in the media about his sex.Principal photography began this week at Warner Bros Studios Leavesden, with Lana and Andy Wachowski working from their own script.

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If you've watched Cloud Atlas and you're still a bit confused, it’s easy to see why.

Each of the six intertwined stories takes place in a different era and assumes the tropes of completely different genres.

Later he made professional occupation as actor, singer and a song writer. He is very popular all over the world and loved by many people.

His restless and hard work is praised by critics and also by audience.

TOM HANKS Who he plays: A doctor poisoning Jim Sturgess in 1849 in order to rob him; a hotel manager in 1936 who extorts Ben Whishaw's composer; a physicist working at a shady nuclear power plant in 1973 who agrees to help investigative journalist Halle Berry; a roughneck author in 2012 who throws a critic off a balcony; an actor playing Timothy Cavendish (Jim Broadbent’s character) in a movie watched in 2144; a cowardly (and birthmarked!