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Donald pearson dating scam

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Below we offer evidence of where these fake profiles are using stolen pics that are found on other web sites.

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And at the end of the day it's all about money.At the end of the day it's worth it to them because they make thousands of dollars in profit from lying and deceiving the members who register on their site.Obviously we don't condone this activity but it's easy to understand what the goal here is.It makes absolutely no sense that anyone would be emailing us let alone over 100 women!Remember as you read this review that the profile page for this investigation is blank, then everything else you will read will make you understand how deceiving and untruthful Shag really is.We went undercover disguised as a member of Shag uk to do an in-depth investigation of how the site operates.

We wanted to learn if this was a real place to hook up with legitimate females in the UK. We have written an extensive review that's available below for you to read.

We have to estimate that for the most part you're looking at all bogus profiles created by the site.

Using special software tools that help us to investigate faux photos we were able to identify a few of the profiles and the source of where these profile pics have been taken from.

In this review we back up all of our claims and findings with proof and evidence. The first piece of evidence would like to bring forward is our own profile page that we used to create an account for this investigation. Unfortunately this did happen to us and it was all fictitious.

If you take a look at the screenshot we took (see evidence below) you can see that we haven't uploaded a new profile picture and we haven't filled out any other personal information on that page. How about if we told you that we got tons (over 100) email messages, flirts and activity on our profile page although the profile didn't have photographs or any personal information. If we're not getting emails from real girls that what's really going on here?

They rinse and repeat this system creating hundreds of phony profiles that you view when you log onto their website.