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There are velvet blazers, shimmery minis, sequined shift dresses, silky tops and a jumpsuit with cut-out shoulders and a cinched waist that I covet. 'The stylish pieces on display represent quite a feat from a woman who gave up her chance to study fashion design.

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'I want to break into every woman's circle,' she announces boldly, a determined glint in her eye.' I'd say to them, 'Yeah, because that's who I am and that's my choice, to rock the look.If you don't want to, that's your choice.'Heidi describes her personal style as 'eclectic: I can be many different people. But there are days where all I want is to be in comfy, baggy boyfriend jeans and trainers, and that will be my vibe for that day.'Although Heidi has lived in the US for longer than she lived in Germany – first in New York, and now, for many years, in Los Angeles, where she is raising her family in the Hollywood Hills – she attributes her no-nonsense directness to the 'foundation' she had in her birth country. I find a reasonable argument to explain why something should be done differently.'We are at a party, held in a grand schloss outside Berlin, to unveil her second line of affordable fashion for budget supermarket chain Lidl, which, like Heidi, is one of Germany's most popular exports.To prove her point – that good clothes needn't cost more than, well, 15 euros – she orders me to 'Feel them!She is one of the world's best paid supermodels, always seen in the finest haute couture.

But in a photoshoot for today's You magazine, Heidi Klum has been pictured in the latest designs from the most unlikely fashion house: Lidl.

On her feet are a pair of black satiny platform sandals with a bow, which make her seem even more statuesque than she is.

While outside rain falls heavily on the life-sized gingerbread house built near the villa to help foster the 'Christmas-glamorous' theme of the party, inside all is shiny and bright: rooms decked out with baubles; rails of Heidi's clothes on glorious display; waiters scurrying about serving prosecco.

'She insists that she does not have a target customer or think that age has any bearing on how people should dress.

'Maybe people are looking at me, thinking, 'You're still wearing miniskirts at 44?

And I must admit: the cut and quality does seem excellent.'My entire outfit costs less than 70 euros,' Heidi beams proudly.