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Dirsty sex chats 1 on 1

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I asked about the type and depth of neckline and she said it should be same as she wore. I was trying hard and was enjoying it as my fingers were touching her upper boobs, sometimes on the flesh and sometime thru the blouse. She suddenly got her senses back and pulled back from me, adjusted her pallu and said “Masterjee, main aapko de utar ke de deto hoon, aap thik kar ke de dena”. I peeped thru the keyhole again and I could see her smiling and her hand was o her chest while it was going up and down.I told her that she could go for one inch deeper neck. I gave her the slip and asked her to collect it after 2 days. She removed the blouse and naughtlingly pinched her nipples and winked herself in the mirror before putting her old deep neck blouse.

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Her fingers were on her cleavage which was really arousing me. As I told you I wanted to her to come to a point where she will make herself fully naked in bright light before me. As she opened the door, I noticed she is wearing the same saree and neck deep blouse and this time the pallu was so tightly wrapped around her chest that I could easily see her cleavage thru her transparent saree.As my both hands reached the side of her chest, and I said “Maam, abhi tak to ye to bahut achcha lag raha hai”.My mouth was very near to her neck and hence she could feel the heat in my voice.I said “Sorry Maam, main aapko naya blouse sil doonga aur aap ye bhi rakh lijiye kyonki yeh to mere liye bekaar hai”. Probably she found it easier to interact with a tailor so that her husband does not doubt it. Very hesitantly, she asked me “Masterji, can you deliver it to my house”. While smiling and then shifting my eyes to her chest again I said “Maam aap jo bhi dena chaho de do, pyar se le loonga”. Par aap ek baar try to kar lo kahin kuch loose ya tight na ho”. As soon as she went into the bed room and closed the door, I started peeping thru the keyhole again.She looked at me and smiled and probably got impressed with my offer. Next day I reached her house at AM but kept waiting in the park in front of her house as she had called at AM. She was opening the hooks of her blowse very slowly. I was still amazed by the beauty of her face, neck, boobs and waist. And the way she pinched her nipples in the room, I knew she liked my touches on her upper boobs. Engrossed in all these thoughts I reached my shop and immediately started to work on the hook. She probably read the hunger in my voice and eyes and immediately embarassingly said “Waise to aapne 100/= bola that lekin kyonki aapne mujhe ek extra blouse diya hai, main aako 150/= de deti hoon. I kept smiling and started looking at her Pussy area now. She removed her Pallu and started slowly opening the hooks of the blouse. As soon as she opened the last hook, her melons came out and as she raise her arms to remove the blouse, the boobs got raised a bit and gave a lovely sight.She didnt say anything and which clearly indicated that she was getting breathless in excitement.

Both of us probably knew that as soon as my fingers would come in front, they will touch the bottoms of her boobs. Now I knew that the caller was her husband and she didnt want to tell her husband about my presence.

Suddenly, the telephone rang and she excused me and ran into the bedroom to pick the phone. After 5 seconds listening to the caller, she said “Arey bathroom mein thi isiliye thodi der ho gayee uthane mein. I boldly went to the bedroom and when she got surprised to see me, I signalled her to keep quite and went behind her while she was asking her husband “aap sham ko 6 baje tak aa jana please”. Housewife talking to her husband over phone and me inserting my fingers under her blouse on both sides from behind her.

She didnt say anything as her husband would have doubted so she remained normal.

I really wanted to see her naked but wanted to go slowly on it to win her confidence. I understood that this housewife is going to enjoy my lund very soon.

She came after 2 days and was really looking even more tempting in the light blue chiffon saree. She checked it and said the neckine is looking really deep. I came out of the shop and asked her to go inside and change while I pulled the curtain. After 2 minute she called me in and said “Masterji dekh lo aapne kya kiya hai”. Here cleavage was clearly visible and because the fitting was so good, her chest was looking so sexy. As she came out, I stood up while purposely adjusting my crotch for a moment to give her the indication.

I left the shop indicating that she can change now. Suddenly I saw a man coming out from her house and I guessed it was her husband going to office. She was wearing a gown so just remained at the door. After 10 minutes when I rang her bell and she opened the door, I was amazingly surprised to see that she was wearing a green chiffon saree with the same deep neckline blouse. She called me in and said “yeh blouse sach mein bahut comfortable banaya hai aapne”. My naughty self was about to say “Haan agar aap Dogi to kyon nahi Loonga”. All this while she kept smiling to herself in the mirror.