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Diane vickers dating

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This was the first time on the show that the producers had excused any act from performing.In week six, Vickers returned to the programme performing Coldplay's "Yellow", which received a negative reaction from the judges; Dannii Minogue commented that she did not "love the song choice", while Cowell suggested Vickers was still not well enough to perform.

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The third single from Music to Make Boys Cry, "Mad at Me", was released in December. But they've been getting on really well."They added: "They've been dating now for a month.Diana Vickers (born 30 July 1991) is an English singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer, who initially came to public attention as a semi-finalist on The X Factor in 2008.In 2013, Vickers appeared as the lead in a music video for the single "Derail" by Leeds rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up.In the music video, Vickers plays the part of a kidnapped girl who subsequently kills a man in the shower after the kidnapping.In week five of the live show stages, Vickers did not perform due to a bout of laryngitis.

She had wanted to perform the Mariah Carey song "Always Be My Baby", but her doctor advised her not to, saying Vickers could do permanent damage to her vocal cords.

In week seven, Vickers performed Take That's "Patience" commenting that she now felt 100%.

In week nine, the semi-finals of the competition, Vickers performed Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" as her first song and received positive comments from the judges, including Cheryl Cole's comment that "she had got that sparkle back".

Her follow-up singles, "The Boy Who Murdered Love" and "My Wicked Heart", reached the top 40 and top 20 respectively.

Vickers' second album, Music to Make Boys Cry, followed in 2013, accompanied by the singles "Cinderella", "Music to Make Boys Cry", and "Mad at Me".

was released as the second single and charted at number 36 in the UK.