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They have performed at countless award shows and venues, including The Ottawa Bluesfest, the Toronto Jazz Festival, the Canadian National Exhibition, Roy Thompson Hall with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and at the Gospel Music Workshop of America conventions in Washington, DC, Atlanta and Detroit.

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co-hosts and musical directs the band, complemented by Lush, the fabulous all-female cello quartet! All events take place at Harbourfront Centre (235 Queen.s Quay West). Co-produced with UMAC, The Urban Music Association of Canada Harbourfront Centre is an innovative, non-profit cultural organization which provides internationally renowned programming in the arts, culture, education and recreation, all within a collection of distinctive venues on a 10-acre site in the heart of Toronto's downtown waterfront. It will be the first time the Junos have taken place in Toronto since 2000 and the first time the awards have played to a hometown crowd since the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, or CARAS, instituted a policy of travelling to a different Canadian city each year with a highly successful (and quite rowdy) trip to St. Since then, the Juno Awards have grown from a slightly tired and insular music-industry event into a multi-day festival that has welcomed fans in Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Saskatoon, Calgary and Vancouver with dozens of simultaneous club shows, rock star meet-and-greets and free outdoor concerts.A phenomenal cast representing some of the best Canadian gospel musicians, actors and dancers will re-enact the voyage through the golden age of gospel, celebrating the music of Thomas Dorsey, Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland and other iconic artists.Powerful vocalists have also been assembled for the front-line singers, including Marlene ONeill, Amoy Levy and Peter Moncrieffe.A: I didn't take that into consideration as I was working on it.It was only afterwards when people were like `Describe your music,' and I'm like `Umm ... I think I was influenced by everything I'd heard up to that point in my life and the sounds I love the most is what came to the surface. what's nurturing all you songwriters out there in Winnipeg?About Urban Promise Urban Promise Toronto began in 1998 with the vision to see change in government-housing neighbourhoods.

Beginning with one small after-school program for children Urban Promise has grown into an organization that reaches hundreds of children, youth and families in four communities across the city.

Whether it's booking gigs or working the album through the independent Labeame label she operates with younger sister Bahia, Watson is getting a ground-up view of the music biz.

It's a long way from Sugar Jones' brief heyday, when the girls opened for Destiny's Child and occasionally wore disguises to avoid public recognition.

A lot of people remember (the lead single) "Days Like That." It was fun, but it was so long ago now that it's funny to me that people really remember it. I got to see it from the perspective of a major label artist that's getting a lot of attention from the label.

Q: With so many influences rock, pop, jazz, reggae on Sweet Vibration, your sound defies categorization.

"We need to engage, not just show up and say, 'We're here,' because Toronto is so used to having so many events. It needs to set the bar right up there." is giving the music biz another shot.