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Developing and validating measures of temperament in livestock

developing and validating measures of temperament in livestock-43

It is also beyond the scope of this book to review all the differing animal welfare legislation around the world.

Another important purpose of research is to determine the effects of common commercial practices on animal welfare. Estimation of fear in two lines of the domestic chick. It will show you how to use numerical measurements to improve both animal welfare and productivity. In order to effectively manage and improve animal welfare it needs to he measured. Simple ones that are practical for farm use and more complex or expensive measurements for research or diagnostic purposes. Animal welfare is now a worldwide issue (Fraser, 2008a). The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) now has published animal welfare guidelines for slaughter of livestock and poultry and for the transport of livestock (Petrini and Wilson, 2005; OIE 2008, 2009a, b). There is a need for information on how to implement auditing programs and other strategies that will improve animal welfare. Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association.

ln this hook, the authors will help bridge the gap hetween scientific research and practical application.

A British survey of 53 dairies indicated that in the best 20% of the dairies, only 0-6% of the cows were lame and in the worst 20% of the dairies, 33-62% of the cows were lame (Webster, 2005:1, b).

This shows that good management can reduce lameness. In sows, 72% of the breeding animals that had to be culled were due to locomotion problems.

However, there is a huge need for information on how to effectively implement programs to improve animal welfare at the practical level.

Many excellent books and articles are available that review scientific research on welfare, statistics that outline the extent of animal welfare problems, philosophical issues, animal rights and legislation.

There are many fine books and journals that contain information on hundreds of research studies.