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Despicable me 2 online dating scene

The crime remains unsolved three weeks later, as Gru faces a more ominous threat in the suburban neighborhood he now calls home, which is filled with cookie cutter houses and green lawns framed by white picket fences.As friends gather to celebrate the birthday of youngest daughter Agnes, the fairy princess scheduled to appear is a no-show.

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Gru’s daughters explore online dating sites, while a nosy neighbor suggests a series of blind dates.But romance isn’t Gru’s thing; he’s more concerned about eldest daughter Margo’s budding interest in boys.She’s a bit too fond of texting, and falls at one point for the son of a suspect.In Gru’s new world, it’s a crisis worth averting by any means, so he dons a pink satin princess gown to assure Agnes’ dream comes true.“You’re the best fairy princess ever,” Agnes tells him.Language is mild ("loser," "failure," and "screw up," plus "boobs" in Minion-ese), but the minions occasionally look partially nude (buttocks, etc.), as do Gru and the movie's villain after a weapon blows off their clothes, leaving them strategically covered in pink bubble gum.

Lucy is a positive female role model, but the cast isn't particularly diverse otherwise.

When an agent sporting high heels and bright blue trenchcoat seeks to enlist Gru in finding the polar perpetrators, he wants nothing of it.

But Lucy has her ways, from lipstick taser to car-type contraption with a James Bond vibe.

Lucy is trying to be a good mother to the girls, and she's brave and capable (even more so than Dru and Gru).

The sisters adore their dad and are good to one another and Lucy. Even though they fight, they love and defend each other.

As the film opens, a giant magnet causes chaos in a barren snow-covered land — leaving little but the likes of a man still reading his paper in the port-a-potty.