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Designer mekhela chador online dating

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Earlier another piece of cloth called ‘riha’ was worn instead of a blouse.

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Graceful and gorgeous, this Multi coloured cotton Silk material for Indian Women from the house of Vatsla is as per the latest trends to keep you in sync with and with your wedding occasion.One end of it is tucked in to the upper portion of Mekhela and the other end is draped around the torso, like a pallu.In addition to these two pieces of clothes, a blouse that fits properly is also worn nowadays.It is folded into pleats to fit around the waist and tucked in.The chador is the piece that covers the upper part of your body.We make every effort to make your online mekhela chadar shopping experience with us a pleasurable one.

Assam, one of the seven sisters of North East India is known for its scenic beauty, vivid and vibrant festivals, cultural diversity, magnificent wildlife and of course, captivating tea gardens.

Mekhla Chadar price ranges from affordable rates to expensive rates.

Shimply offers an exclusive range of Mekhela Chadar online.

Mekhela Chadar designs vary from simple ones to intricate designs that make it look rich and decorative. Muga Mekhela Chador is made of muga silk and is very durable.

Eri Mekhela Chador is made with eri silk and is warm and soft in texture. This is white in color, which range from brilliant white to off white.

The women weavers are the real people Involved in its making.