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Denver dating events

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“One thing I was not planning to do was become an entrepreneur,” she said, “but it’s been really fun and interesting, and I’m sure it will endure.” Every month, Anna began by putting on a speed dating event for 24 to 30 Catholic daters in the Denver area.

Superficial and impersonal communication tools don’t satisfy marriage-oriented singles, however, and that’s why Anna Maria Basquez started running speed dating events in the heart of Colorado.“You could feel the intensity in the air,” she said.“It took the feeling about the importance of what I was doing up several notches.“It’s really been an adventure because I didn’t expect that fanfare from across the country, so it’s been exciting,” Anna said.Anna has spent years watching singles meet and relationships blossoms, so she has a pretty good idea about what works and what doesn’t.She had been saying daily devotional prayers to St.

Bridget of Sweden for over a year, taking about 20 minutes out of her day to remember the Passion of Christ and reinforce her faith in God.

Simply fill out a questionnaire about who you are and what you want in a partner, and Anna will start pairing you up with compatible dates.

Anna said Faith Match’s typical client is a working professional who’s too busy to find a date in Denver.

It was such a shock.” Anna got her bachelor’s degree in accounting and journalism and said her combined business savvy and people skills helped her succeed as a speed dating event planner.

Although she once had dreams of working for the FBI, a torn ACL led her down another path, and she has found fulfillment bringing people together on mini dates.

Sometimes they’re always traveling for work and rely on Anna to set them up on a date when they’re in town.