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Delonte west and lebrons mother dating

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Le Bron is quickly becoming one of the most talked about basketball athletes in the world.He's won several honors during his time as a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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This year, Mo served nicely as Rajan Rondo's easel.She gave birth to Le Bron on December 30, 1984, and has always been very supportive of his talents.Gloria once created controversy when she was able to secure an $80,000 loan to buy Le Bron an H2 Hummer for his 18th birthday because the bank took into consideration Le Bron's future earnings potential. Read Full Story Le Bron James: Facts Born December 30, 1984 in Ohio Joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as first overall pick in the 2003 draft Won NBA Most Valuable Player honor in 20 Is someone trying to cause a fight between Cleveland Cavaliers players Le Bron James and Delonte West?TMZ obtained a copy of the email sent to -- the sports blog that first reported on Friday that Le Bron's mother Gloria was allegedly sleeping with Delonte.In the email, Frederick Nance -- attorney for Le Bron and Gloria -- says the report is "categorically false and per se defamatory." Nance adds, "No thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish."The report -- which also spread as a viral email -- was supposed to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers' playoff loss to the Boston Celtics with this theory: Le Bron finds out about Delonte and his mom before game 4 ...It should come as no surprise that the unsourced email has no basis in...

Read Full Story DON' T MISS Gloria James Subject of Nasty Delonte West Email Rumor Gloria James is the mother of Le Bron James, one of the most popular and valuable players in the NBA.

He made the All-Star team in 2009, as an alternate — Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, and Jameer Nelson were injured. He is the Cavs' nominal point guard, but he's not a good passer, not quick or clever on defense, and not much of a threat to drive the lane.

With Le Bron on the floor, those things don't matter so much, of course.

June 1, 2010Inside Dish on "That Rumor"I spoke with two folks whose opinions I value, straight shooters with more experience and insight regarding the Cavs than I can claim.

One told me that he's smelled enough smoke around the Delonte West-Gloria James story to believe that there's a fire in there somewhere; the other guy doesn't buy it, but does say that the Cavs will look to shop Delonte this off-season. Mo Williams, via Twitter: "I think I will watch the finals. It can't do nothing but help, cause it hurt everytime I see a highlight."Mo has the best tattoo in the league, an irregular oval outlined high on his right shoulder blade.

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